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Курпаков Виталий Олегович
тел. 8 967-59-31-899 или тел. +7-967-59-31-899
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About me

Name: Kurpakov Vitaly Olegovich      
mobile phones: 8 967-59-31-899     or    +7-967-59-31-899
Age: 34 years. Working experience: 10 years. I  know etiquette, ethics and dress code.
Place of living: Sankt-Peterburg.
I'm not married.
Please, visit my resume at web site:

   Hello !

My name is Vitaly !

I am highly educated. I graduated from State Technical University in February 2000. I got higher education - Master Degree.

Now I am living in the most beautiful city in Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

I speak seven languages: English, German, and French, some ish, Finnish, Hebrew, and Russian native. To read my profile please visit here.

I love Art, especially abstractionism, cubism. I can spend hours visiting my favorite museums: Le Louvre , Musée d'Orsay and enjoying wonderful creations of the past. I like people who develop their intellectual and cultural personality.I like people, who not only copy the nature but they bring their believes, ideas, thoughts into their creations. I think that these people are very interesting. Every time, I come to conclusion that each paintings created by people and every paintings created by creator.

Usually, I like to play basketball, read classical literature, and watch TV, movies.

I like everything in my live: wonderful cities and buildings, city great backgrounds, beautiful mountains, green forests, crystal clear lakes, fresh air, and yellow sun.

That's why I like travel so much. Recently, I have visited Paris in France, Helsinki in Finland. It was a great experience and wonderful possibility to learn foreign languages.

I like people and I like to communicate with others. For this reason, I'm enjoying working (click here to learn more).

It is really a great pleasure to enjoy these wonderful days with other people who share my interests!

Best regards,
Vitaly Olegovich

Please, review my resume on page:

email me:

Vitaly Olegovich


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